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Ofir Gal

I'm so excited to be running my second full marathon representing such an amazing organization that works day and night to make the lives of special individuals better. Making the world a better place, hand in hand:)

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  • David Gal $250.00

    We are so proud of you! Mom and Dad

  • Anonymous $20.00
  • Donna, Roby and Sam Simons $180.00

    We are proud of you. Good Luck.

  • Mr. Garrison $25.00

    Good luck Ofir

  • Tibors Kosher Meat Market Inc $100.00
  • Warren, Marlene, and Jacob Sobol $36.00

    Enjoy the run for such a worthy cause.

  • Ezra Spero $15.00

    Rachel Stark is a Facebook bully ;)

  • David Tesler $36.00

    In honor of Rachel Rothner Stark and Joe Clark

  • Marla and Bob Stark $100.00

    Thanks for your inspiration Rachel!

  • Omri Flicker $36.00

    If Tibor's doing it...

  • Zhanna Iskhakova $36.00

    Good luck Ofir! Hope you beat last year's time!!! From Arielle and Gabby.

  • Anonymous $3.00